Capital Grille in Dallas Texas Review


IMG_0958So tonight me and my mother went to Capital Grille in Dallas Texas. We went by Uber because we are so modern and hip and that’s the true way to get around in style, that and so my mom could get wasted. So we got to the restaurant 20 minutes early, they actually were able to seat us almost right away despite us being there early. When seated we were offered drinks and being the Americans we are I ordered water, the diabetic drink, and my mother ordered a dirty martini with bleu cheese olives for yours truly, she knows how much I love this ish. Once we got our drinks by our non-English-speaking drink dude our big Italian waiter asked for our orders. Now we reason we came was because of Restaurant Week which is like this thing that gives you discounts to some places and some money goes to the food bank. So with the whole Restaurant Week deal the meal was 3 courses. So we got our bread which was wonderful, there were many different kinds. Mama Mahoney ordered Clam Chowder for appetizer, an 8 ounce tenderloin, and an espresso chocolate cake slice. I ordered a wedge salad, also the 8 ounce tenderloin, and a creme breley. Ma enjoyed her clam chowder and I adored my wedge salad, both pretty delightful. The entree is what really made this meal shine. We both got the same steak so we both were getting the same experience. The tenderloin was amazing, it was so tender ( hense the name! ) and we both were amazed how good it was. We got mashed potatoes and green beans as sides and they were both great, my mom thought the potatoes were “too die for” but I thought they were just aight. Desert was unfortunately the weak point of the night, the espresso cake was too rich and the creme breley was just a little small for the price, the best part though was that they were really careful about my deadly peanut allergy, asking a lot of questions to make sure I was getting the care I needed. Overall the meal was $133 which for a 3 course meal at a 5 star steak house in downtown Dallas was a pretty good price. I give the overall experience a 4.5/5 a great night!

Thanks for reading this review, comment for movies and other stuff I should review and talk about. Peace!


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