Weird Ass Foods That Taste Pretty Okay

So you know those foods that like look disgusting but are pretty OK (looking at you Canada)?  Well that’s gonna be the topic for today. Here are 3 pretty okay foods that look fucking gross, or for short 3POFTLFG! Try sounding that out, I dare you L:

fried milk

5. Fried Milk – So basically if you put the word “fried” in front of everything you automatically have an audience. And that’s the case with this. You can look online for a recipe and stuff but looking at the picture it just looks like milk that’s turned into cream.



4. Chocolate Covered Bacon – Much like the “fried” craze chocolate covered stuff is just as popular with everything getting soaking in diabetes. I guess if your crazy and shit you can try it out I ain’t judging 😉

Garbage Plate.jpg

3. The Garbage Plate – So like I think this is scrapes of food put into 1 gross mess, imagine a FilthyFrank video, but you eat it, and it’s a household name. Or maybe it’s like the Cup of Dirt dessert and its actually good, idk just buy it.

So yeah that’s about the weirdest but still ok foods I could find that Americans could still be pretty okay with, thanks for reading! Peace!


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