Different Types of Gigantic Faggots

So today’s topic is on gigantic faggots, aka me. So I looked up Gigantic Faggots on Urban Dictionary and here’s what I got : “One who has taken faggotry to the highest level imagineable but not in the homosexual way. It is meant to define people who have done something so stupid the only way to define it is calling them this word.” So basically its just another insult. But that’s not the kind of faggots were talking about today, today were talking about the OTHER kind of faggots, here’s the other definition on Gigantic Faggots : gigantic bundles of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel,a fascine, a torch, etc. Yeah, that’s what were talking about today, the different types of gigantic faggots. 

Now you can go on and on about different types of trees and such that could be used for faggots, but I’m just gonna list some of my personal favorites :person-tree (1)

1. Sculpted Faggots – So this bundle of sticks come from an interesting type of tree, this tree looks like a person, what a twist!


2. Rainbow Eucalyptus Faggots – This faggot consists of rainbow twigs!!!!!!!!!!!!! What could be better than gay pride?!


3. Jabuticaba – This faggot has seeds inside of it and sometimes even little unnamed fruit outside of it, very refreshing and faggy.

So that’s the list, special thanks for my bud Kavan for the list idea! If you want to suggest your own list ideas, just comment down below, gotta blast! Peace!


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