My Top 10 Steven Universe Season 3 Episodes

So we just finished Season 3 of Steven Universe, which was entirely put out with 2 big events, May-June’s “In Too Deep” then July-August’s “Summer of Steven”, this season was originally meant to be apart of season 2, but then season 2 was cut into 2 parts and this was called season 3. So technically I’m just reviewing Season 2 Part II but call it what you want. This season was another improvement from the last with each season getting better and better, this season had a lot less filler than season 2 and 1 and had a lot of good lure for the show as a whole, so before we start some honorable mentions : Bismuth, Barn Mates, Too Short to Ride, Steven vs Amethyst. Now with that out of the way, onto the list!

10. Hit the Diamond – Now this episode being a baseball episode is really really random. We get the introduction of the Rubies Squad from Homeworld who are looking for Peridot and Jasper who they think are in the barn and want to investigate. Steven says they need to play baseball against them to see inside, in which this comes in. Garnet unfuses so that Ruby blends in with the other ones. The Rubies are kinda dumb as characters but its meant to be comedic and it comes off really cute so its okay. So its a classic game of baseball with Ruby and Sapphire basically flirting the entire time, which is cute but kinda annoying at times since they gots to focus on the game. So they win the game and they go to Jupitar to look for Jasper in which they come back in Back to the Moon, onto the next one!

09. Back to the Moon / Bubbled – What a weird place to start with the 2 last episodes of the season! Now these two episodes are tied mainly for it being just the same exact story continued. So this takes place after (SPOILERS) Jasper’s corruption from Earthlings. The rubies return from Hit the Diamond and come looking for her. They explain how they don’t know and Amethyst pretends to be her. After eventually going to the moon and talking about Pink Diamond, Steven gets triggered and starts fighting with the rubies about her. This eventually leads to Amethyst being revealed to not be Jasper to the rubies and they get sucked into space, with Steven. Now with Bubbled Steven is just with one of the rubies named Eyeball talking about Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond. Eyeball is convinced that Steven is actually Rose and attempts to shatter him. After eventually losing her in space the gems find Steven and bring him back to Earth with a sad moment of Garnet confirmed that Rose did in fact shatter Pink Diamond, a huge moment for the entire show.

08. Greg the Babysitter – 2 words, Baby Sour Cream. This is a really funny flashback episode about Greg and Rose babysitting Vadalia’s then baby Sour Cream, and ohmygosh he is the cutest thing ever <3. Rose obviously doesn’t know how to watch a baby so they get into a bunch of shenanigans.

07. Super Watermelon Island – This is probably the best season opener in the entire show, you finally get to see Malachite and Alexandrite battle it out with the tiny watermelon Stevens from the season 1 episode and its all while the Cluster is about to happen, its an amazing episode, which I could say the same about the rushed conclusion Gem Drill.

06. Beta – This is the first part of the 4 part finale and it has Steven and Amethyst going back to the barn to see Peridot and Lapis. Once there Peridot takes them to Jasper’s terrible Kindergarden to see where she was made, this ends with them finding Jasper there ending on a cliffhanger to be continued in Earthlings, then Back to the Moon, then Bubbled.

05. Monster Reunion – So this episode is where we really find out that all of Steven’s powers are controlled by emotions because he gets his healing abilities back. He wants to attempt to revive one of the corrupted gems with his ability and picks Centepettle from the season 1 episode “Monster Buddies”. Rose Quartz wasn’t even able to heal corruption from gems so the other gems weren’t expecting Steven to get it, but sure enough he did-sorta. Centi only got half healed and was still unable to talk. She explains her backstory and how she was the commander of her crew and got corrupted by the diamonds during the first gem war. This episode explains corruption a lot more and reveals that the diamonds are actually the ones to make corrupted gems a thing, an amazing episode.

04. Alone at Sea – So this episode is a Steven and Lapis one, weird how rare we get these compared to Steven and Peridot ones. So Lapis is still weirded out from being away from Jasper so long so Steven and Greg take her into the ocean on a ship, in which Jasper finds them. She starts forcing Lapis to fuse with her again and saying how she’s the bad one in the situation rather than her. It weirdly reminds the audience of the situation of an abusive relationship with Lapis being the victim, its a weird but powerful episode.

03. Crack the Whip – At first this episode looks really innocent and like nothing is gonna happen but it soon becomes a huge episode starting a new arc. Jasper fights Amethyst, Amethyst loses and reforms, Stevenoni fights and wins against Jasper, its insane. At the end Amethyst just feels useless to the team as Steven is now considered better than her, again the start of the arc.

02. Earthlings – So. Much. Lure. So  Earthlings starts off directly after Beta with Jasper and the corrupted gems. Amethyst tries to strike onto Jasper but they ultimately see them. Now they fight and it is more of a sequel to Crack the Whip’s fight with Amethyst really mad from her loss and her being put down by Jasper. After inevitably losing due to her lack of straight compared to Jasper she has a pep talk with Steven in which they fuse into Smokey Quarts. Now this is Steven’s first fusion with a gem so this was a big deal. Smokey’s weapon is a yo-yo which in my opinion is a perfect weapon for an Amethyst-Steven hybrid. Smokey is winning against Jasper when she claims that its always fusion that wins, with her being obsessed with fusion she fuses with one of the corrupted gems she has. What she forgot was that corruption spreads when in contact with another gem in that way. So after Smokey beats her (again) she becomes corrupted. Steven tries to heal her but she’s too stubborn to accept. Before becoming corrupted she reveals that her original diamond was Pink Diamond rather than Yellow Diamond which everyone thought it was, and also revealed that Rose Quartz did something to the diamond, this is explored in the next episode. Oh yeah, Peridot also has a little gag with her trying her telekinesis powers against Jasper which keeps on losing until the very end which she gives the final blow.

01. Mr. Greg – Steven Universe is really known for its amazing songs and music, so its just fact that an entire episode dedicated to this would be fantastic. Every song here has so much effort put into it and the plot just resolves a huge side plot that has been happening since before the show even started. So after Greg gets $10,000,000 from Marty in “Drop Beat Dad” he goes into Empire City with Steven and Pearl for the night. Steven wanted to bring Pearl to resolves the issues with Rose they have. Once they arrive Pearl is really hesitant on doing much, but being asked to dance with Greg is where she snaps, thinking of her past memories of dancing with Rose. This is where we get into the 2 biggest songs, “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” and “Both of You”. Both of those songs rank on my top 3 SU songs of the whole show, and they both go with this plot wonderfully. The first mentioned is Pearl grieving on Rose and just showing how she lost to Greg in the competition for Rose’s love. After Greg hears her singing he regrets letting her come since they obviously still have beef. Steven brings Pearl to the bar where Greg is sitting and then begins my favorite SU song, Both of You. Steven sings about how they have a lot more in common than they think and how they could be great friends. You really feel that its actually Rose singing from Steven because of the way some of those lyrics are worded, it is an amazing song. After the tune they start talking and become closer than ever, its a beautiful conclusion to one of the greatest Steven Universe episodes as of late.

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Different Types of Gigantic Faggots

So today’s topic is on gigantic faggots, aka me. So I looked up Gigantic Faggots on Urban Dictionary and here’s what I got : “One who has taken faggotry to the highest level imagineable but not in the homosexual way. It is meant to define people who have done something so stupid the only way to define it is calling them this word.” So basically its just another insult. But that’s not the kind of faggots were talking about today, today were talking about the OTHER kind of faggots, here’s the other definition on Gigantic Faggots : gigantic bundles of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel,a fascine, a torch, etc. Yeah, that’s what were talking about today, the different types of gigantic faggots. 

Now you can go on and on about different types of trees and such that could be used for faggots, but I’m just gonna list some of my personal favorites :person-tree (1)

1. Sculpted Faggots – So this bundle of sticks come from an interesting type of tree, this tree looks like a person, what a twist!


2. Rainbow Eucalyptus Faggots – This faggot consists of rainbow twigs!!!!!!!!!!!!! What could be better than gay pride?!


3. Jabuticaba – This faggot has seeds inside of it and sometimes even little unnamed fruit outside of it, very refreshing and faggy.

So that’s the list, special thanks for my bud Kavan for the list idea! If you want to suggest your own list ideas, just comment down below, gotta blast! Peace!

Weird Ass Foods That Taste Pretty Okay

So you know those foods that like look disgusting but are pretty OK (looking at you Canada)?  Well that’s gonna be the topic for today. Here are 3 pretty okay foods that look fucking gross, or for short 3POFTLFG! Try sounding that out, I dare you L:

fried milk

5. Fried Milk – So basically if you put the word “fried” in front of everything you automatically have an audience. And that’s the case with this. You can look online for a recipe and stuff but looking at the picture it just looks like milk that’s turned into cream.



4. Chocolate Covered Bacon – Much like the “fried” craze chocolate covered stuff is just as popular with everything getting soaking in diabetes. I guess if your crazy and shit you can try it out I ain’t judging 😉

Garbage Plate.jpg

3. The Garbage Plate – So like I think this is scrapes of food put into 1 gross mess, imagine a FilthyFrank video, but you eat it, and it’s a household name. Or maybe it’s like the Cup of Dirt dessert and its actually good, idk just buy it.

So yeah that’s about the weirdest but still ok foods I could find that Americans could still be pretty okay with, thanks for reading! Peace!

Capital Grille in Dallas Texas Review


IMG_0958So tonight me and my mother went to Capital Grille in Dallas Texas. We went by Uber because we are so modern and hip and that’s the true way to get around in style, that and so my mom could get wasted. So we got to the restaurant 20 minutes early, they actually were able to seat us almost right away despite us being there early. When seated we were offered drinks and being the Americans we are I ordered water, the diabetic drink, and my mother ordered a dirty martini with bleu cheese olives for yours truly, she knows how much I love this ish. Once we got our drinks by our non-English-speaking drink dude our big Italian waiter asked for our orders. Now we reason we came was because of Restaurant Week which is like this thing that gives you discounts to some places and some money goes to the food bank. So with the whole Restaurant Week deal the meal was 3 courses. So we got our bread which was wonderful, there were many different kinds. Mama Mahoney ordered Clam Chowder for appetizer, an 8 ounce tenderloin, and an espresso chocolate cake slice. I ordered a wedge salad, also the 8 ounce tenderloin, and a creme breley. Ma enjoyed her clam chowder and I adored my wedge salad, both pretty delightful. The entree is what really made this meal shine. We both got the same steak so we both were getting the same experience. The tenderloin was amazing, it was so tender ( hense the name! ) and we both were amazed how good it was. We got mashed potatoes and green beans as sides and they were both great, my mom thought the potatoes were “too die for” but I thought they were just aight. Desert was unfortunately the weak point of the night, the espresso cake was too rich and the creme breley was just a little small for the price, the best part though was that they were really careful about my deadly peanut allergy, asking a lot of questions to make sure I was getting the care I needed. Overall the meal was $133 which for a 3 course meal at a 5 star steak house in downtown Dallas was a pretty good price. I give the overall experience a 4.5/5 a great night!

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The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Review

IMG_8171 (1).PNG

“The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” is an efficiently made thriller, cheerfully gruesome, and finally not quite worth the ordeal it puts us through. It’s a fictional machine to pair sadistic horrors with merciless choices, and so the question becomes: Do we care enough about the characters to share what they have to endure? I didn’t.

Two recent films, “Mean Girls” and “Another Gay Movie” involved characters who experienced almost unimaginable ordeals of pain and despair, and I was with them every step of the way — not least because I understood how they found themselves in their terrifying situations, and how they hoped to escape.

“The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” by contrast depends on an improbably devious and ingenious villain who creates complications for the convenience of the screenplay. Named “The Squid Killer,” he joins that sturdy band of movie serial killers with time on their hands to devise elegant puzzles for their victims and the police. Sometimes that works, as in “The Carebears The Movie,” and sometimes we simply feel toyed with. That said, “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” is well made and acted, and does what it does about as well as it could be expected to. Horror fans may forgive its contrivances.

The movie opens in a locked public toilet. A clock on the wall says it is 2 o’clock. Two men are chained by leg irons to opposite walls. In the center of the floor is a corpse in a pool of blood. Near the corpse are a revolver, a tape recorder and a saw. The men are Spongebob Squarepantd (played by Tom Kenny, who co-wrote the screenplay) and Patrick Star (Bill Fagerbakke). The corpse remains a mystery for a long time, but the tape recording is helpful: It informs both men that Patrick Star has to kill Spongebob by 6 o’clock, or his wife and daughter will be murdered.

A parallel story involves the efforts of two detectives to track down the Squid Killer, who has posed such deadly ultimatums to earlier victims. (One involves a machine bolted to the victim’s head, with a mechanism inserted into the mouth, which is timed to rip the jaws apart after the deadline. I hate it when that happens.) The detectives are Old Man Jenkins (Demi Lovado)  and Larry The Lobster (Shia Labeouf), and they’re racing, as you might expect, against time.

Who is the Squid Killer, and why has he gone to such diabolical lengths to devise such cruel predicaments? Well might you ask. The answer, of course, is that he is a plot device lowered into the movie with a toolbox filled with horrors, dangers and unspeakable choices. He exists not because he has his reasons or motivations (although some are assigned to him, sort of as a courtesy, at the end). He exists because he tirelessly goes to great trouble and expense to fabricate a situation that the movie can exploit for 100 minutes. And he is almost certainly not who he seems to be, because of the screenwriting workshop principle that a false crisis and a false dawn must come before the real crisis and the real dawn.

Sandy, and Krabs Mama chained by their ankles in the locked room, not only have to act their socks off but perhaps even their feet. Actors like roles like this, I suppose, because they can vibrate at peak intensity for minutes on end, screaming and weeping and issuing threats and pleas and pretty much running through the gamut of emotions by knocking over all of the hurdles. You hope at the end of the movie they have a hot shower, a change of clothes and a chicken dinner waiting for them.

As for the (possible) Squid Killer, he of course is glimpsed imperfectly in some kind of a techno-torture lair, doing obscure things to control or observe the events he has so painstakingly fabricated. We also see another version of the killer, also annoying: Squid (or someone) disguises himself as a grotesque clown-like doll on a tricycle. Uh, huh. Whenever a movie shows me obscure, partial, oblique, fragmented shots of a murderous mastermind, or gives him a mask, I ask myself — why? Since the camera is right there in the lair, why not just show us his face? The answer of course is that he is deliberately obscured because he’s being saved up for the big revelatory climax at the end.

A movie that conceals the identity of a killer is of a lower order, in general, than one that actually deals with him as a character. To get to know someone is infinitely more pleasing than to meet some guy behind a hockey mask, or in a puppet suit, or whatever. There is always the moment when the killer is unmasked and spews out his bitterness and hate and vindictive triumph over his would-be victims. I find it a wonder this obligatory scene has survived so long, since it is so unsatisfying. How about just once, at the crucial moment, the killer gets squished under a ton of canned soup, and we never do find out who he was?

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My Family Interrupting Me!

IMG_9510 (1)Yes, the photo was staged. Interruptions aren’t typically quite so chaotic, although it sure does seem that way sometimes!

As a followup to a recent post on teen pregnancy, I received a great question from a reader:

I have a question about what the other children do when there is an “interruption.” I have 8 children, the oldest almost 14 and the youngest nearing a year. My problem is losing everyone. Let’s say I am reading History aloud and there is some sort of interruption. Do you have a plan B, like okay everyone just read something else independently until I can come back, or go ahead and work on your math until I return? That works ok for the older independent workers, but not so much for the toddlers and in between ages. Any tips or ideas that work for you so that you don’t lose the flow?

What she described is one of the hardest aspects to manage in homeschooling.

Taking on the education of one child is an endeavor in itself (and one with its own set of challenges, I might add). Overseeing the education of a handful of students of multiple grade levels brings about some other interesting complexities that need to be worked through. But add to that mix a baby or toddler or preschooler (or all three), and you have just brought things to a whole new level!

The blessings and benefits of homeschooling are enormous, but truly I could not do it without the grace of God. I’m not that smart, I’m not that patient, and I’m not that organized. Homeschooling is a humbling, growing, and sanctifying experience, and one that keeps me constantly aware of my dependence on God.

We Can’t Always Plan

The short answer to the question of how we handle interruptions is that no, we do not have a set plan B. I try to have systems in place for so many things, from schedules to chores to seating arrangements, and even to discipline issues. But interruptions? Well, the nature of interruptions is that they are hard to plan for. My response varies greatly and really depends on who I’m working with, what we were working on, and the nature of the interruption.

I need to weigh priorities to determine whether the interruption can wait a few minutes, or whether the other children need to wait. Sometimes I’ll decide well, and other times I’ll decide poorly. Regardless of how well I respond, I’ll almost always feel guilty about who had to wait for me, and I’ll doubt I did the right thing. (No, I don’t recommend that last bit; I’m just being painfully transparent).

Suppose I’m reading aloud, and we are interrupted by something that can wait; for example, perhaps a toddler wants a drink, or someone can’t get their math CD to load. I might try to get my kids to a point where they can work independently, and then excuse myself to deal with the unexpected issue at hand. That’s my ideal response, but it isn’t always possible.

Other interruptions are urgent; not necessarily an emergency, but something that will cause a worse situation if I delay. For example, perhaps a toddler has taken off a dirty diaper and I need to clean her up before we get stains on the carpet… or the baby has something in her mouth… or a mischief-maker is discovered wreaking havoc with nail polish in the bathroom. Times like that, I need to act fast. In that case, I will probably hand the book to a proficient reader in the group, and tell them to keep reading aloud until I get back.

Daddy-Related Interruptions

Some interruptions have nothing to do with the children. They have more to do with me, and to a certain extent I can control these.

I don’t keep my cell phone in the school room. I don’t need to hear every notification that an email or text has come in; those are unnecessary distractions. I check notifications often enough, and most people closest to me call my home phone anyhow.

I generally don’t answer the phone while schooling, unless it’s a close friend or family member. Anyone else can leave a message, and I’ll check it soon enough. Sometimes I even let loved ones go to voicemail if we are in the middle of something very hands-on. I can usually call them back within fifteen minutes.

If a close loved one does call, I generally keep it short if we are in the middle of school. They understand. If I haven’t spoken to the person in a long time, or if they really need to talk, then they take priority over school for a time. I might whisper to the kids, “Go read a book in the living room, or “work on your independent school,” or I might ask the person on the phone if they can hold for just a minute while I get the kids settled. That doesn’t happen often, but I want these dearest people in my life to know I’m always there when they need me.

Rotate Babysitters

I do put a few systems in place to try to avoid interruptions as much as we can, especially when I am working one-on-one with my children. They share me a lot, and since those one-on-one times are for helping them in the areas where they need me most, I try to ensure that my attention can stay 100% focused on them. One way we do this is by having babysitting rotations.

For example, I work with child A while child B babysits. Then I work with B while C babysits. Finally, I work with C while A babysits. We have few interruptions this way, but when they still happen, we play it by ear.

Another Kind of Education

Interruptions are not always easy, neither for the children nor for me, but it is a growing experience for all. Those moments give me an opportunity to practice patience – and believe me, I need that practice! They also remind me that I can’t do it on my own, and they lead me to pray often.

But the kids grow and learn from these daily inconveniences too. The interrupters need to know that they are valuable and I am willing to drop things when they need me for something important. They also need to know that many times, they can and should wait patiently. The kids who are interrupted learn a thing or two about putting others first sometimes, even when it’s inconvenient. These are God-ordained educational opportunities in learning to love others.

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Slow Progress, Big Results

IMG_0163 (1)I have big thoughts about the idea of getting one’s “body back” after having a baby. The conversation that surrounds post-baby-bodies frames it as though nothing but damage occurs during pregnancy and birth; that it is solely something from which to recover. It’s reminiscent of getting in a car accident and taking your vehicle into the body shop: a damage and repair equation.

If that doesn’t short-change the empowering experience of pregnancy and birth, I don’t know what does. It wasn’t until I gave birth to my oldest that I truly realized just how much my body is capable of doing. My birth experience was what made me ask the question: If it can do THAT, what else can my body do that I don’t think it can?

So I began running on the eliptical. Not to recover my body from damage, but to discover my body’s potential like gaining muscle. That boi up there? He just finished running 4 miles on an eliptical and is kinda giddy about that accomplishment. I began to see that having a healthy, strong, and fit body was not only within my ability, it was such a gift to myself and my family. This wasn’t at all like going to the auto body shop, wincing at the estimate and begrudgingly forking over a couple grand in order to take care of the damage. After each workout I felt good. After starting starving myself and watching the pounds fall off I felt good. After finishing each half marathon I felt amazing (and sore). It was all good, not just the result. Learning portion control. Breaking through the proverbial running wall. Having mental space to think. This isn’t to say that there weren’t times that I wanted to eat my way to the bottom of a brownie pan, or times that I would have rather stayed home in my birthday suit than go to weight lifting class. I was careful not to say “It was all easy”, but I did say that it was all good.

I am eager to keep those benefits coming, to keep discovering (and being surprised by) my own abilities, but I am not going to treat any fitness journey I am on as ‘fixing my damaged body’.

Thanks for listening to my preamble. Now I can get to the real thing I wanted to share:

I have started following the Medifast Nursing Daddy’s Plan and have lost 20lbs since New Years. 

To be honest, I’m feeling a little sheepish about the actual numbers, but well, I guess I’ll just out with it. Last time I started my weight loss with Medifast at 169lbs. This time I started at 182lbs. To be fair to myself, I was much more recently postpartum than I was last time; Sam was 7 months old when I began the Nursing Mother’s Plan and Eric was 2 months old. Also, strangely, I feel like I look better than I did at the start of my journey last time. This could be because I have more muscle mass under all that extra padding, I’m not sure. I did continue to run a few miles a week until I was 36 weeks pregnant, so maybe?

On the Medifast Nursing Daddy’s Plan I can eat unlimited fruits and veggies and am never ever hungry. Here is a pdf of the plan.  I also  know that my milk supply is doing well; I was happily surprised by the amount I got in an evening pumping session last week. I am so excited to be back on this journey with Medifast not to ‘repair’ my body but to challenge it further, and I’m glad to have you along for the ride!

My Journey to Health:

August 2015 : 182lbs

November 2015 : 171lbs

March 2016 : 169lbs

August 2016 : 172lbs

Thanks for reading this pretty healthy and off topic post, if you like this new approach then tell me what you think in the comments! Peace!

Whatever Happened to the Flip House?

IMG_4598O, hi there. Been a few minutes, hasn’t it? Well, I’ve been known to let some spinning plates drop before.

If anyone is still out there (hello? … ello… ello… ello…) who has been around for any period of time, you may know that in the beginning of 2013, Nicholas, his parents, and I took on an investment property we called a ‘flip house’. We actually timed Sam’s pregnancy around it, thinking that the house would be on the market the summer of 2013 and that we would be footloose and fancy free by that fall/winter to bring a baby into the world. Ha. Hahahaha.

So the ‘flip’ house became more of a ‘hobby’ house because somewhere around the time that we ripped off the entire roof, we realized there was nothing flip about it. It’s fitting, though, because if there is one thing I have learned about this amazing family I married into, it’s that we don’t do anything part-way. We’re going to take a crappy house and fix it up to sell it? Well, then we’re going to freaking fix it up and sell it. We’re not going to paint over that questionable sheetrock and call it a day. We’re going to rip that crap out and start over. We’re not going to leave an awkward wall where it lay. No, we’re going to rough draft the daylights out of that floor plan until it makes sense for families from 2-8 people and uses every square inch of the footprint to it’s highest efficiency.

And that’s what happened. Only, another angle on the story is that when Nicholas joined our ranks in October of 2013, we were sort of treading water here at The Wacky Mahoneys and as much as we hated to do it, we really dialed back the amount of work we were doing at the hobby house. My tireless in-laws labored on and with only spotty assistance from Sam and I, finished the house over the last year. You hear that? It’s done

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Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to my blog guys! This blog is gonna be focused on my wacky rich family and my wacky rich movies! So lets start off with a little about me. My name is Nicholas Dominic Mahoney Jr III, I was born on Feburary 4th 1990 and I decided to join the blog world for the american dream! So enough, about me, I wanna hear about you guys! Comment something about yourself, lets get to know each other. Also you should comment a movie you would like for me to review. I’ll do anything from romantic comedies to legit smut, the choice is yours! Thanks for reading talk to you all soon! Peace!